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XPE Dynamic Page Demo

Dynamic Page Demo


Dynamic pages are still needed for generating public facing contents typically from a large data set. For example, in an e-commerce site,a customer wants to see a list of products for a particular category.While we could implement this as an Ajax service, then the contents arenot friendly for search engine. One possible approach as suggested byGoogle is to provide two implementations for the same page:one using the Ajax approach and one uses the"ugly html"approach. Since the uglyhtml still needs to be generated on the server side, we may well justgenerate the"pretty html"so only one version of code needs to becreated and maintained.

This page demostrates XPE technologies' capability of generating dynamic contents. A fake database was created and populatedwith fake realestate data, one search properties by area and suburb. To see it in action, try click the following links:

Search results:

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